After two cases in the UK healthcare professionals in the 21st century

The alarming news from the USA is that after two outbreaks by the UK health authorities in the USA, they allude to looking at the introduction of a new pandemic vaccine in the immunology laboratory. This is a very serious problem, the previous pandemic vaccine was linked to more severe cases of autism and this is now known to be a myth. There is also much debate about whether thimerosal in vaccines has caused autistic disorders or not, the new vaccine has not yet been approved for general use.

Many people raised questions about whether it is safe to give autistic children the new vaccine based on mercury and thimerosal, these were the only two vaccines identified as the cause of this problem. There are now links to a number of other vaccines that cause similar problems, it is clear that it is important to review all of these issues. Many researchers now believe that mercury is still in fact in vaccines today and that is just one of the concerns that must be taken seriously.

It is clear from research that mercury is still present in vaccines, although much less has been much research on the effects on adults. There are also links to the botulism problem, causing infection by parasites and bacteria. These are the ones that caused most of the concern, and some researchers now believe that thimerosal may have been a contributing factor in autism.

One of the concerns is that a high percentage of children who suffered autistic symptoms and who received thimerosal-containing vaccines later recovered completely. It is worrying that the same phenomenon can occur in vaccinated children, and it can only be estimated that this would be a very worrying issue for everyone involved. After two cases in the UK, healthcare professionals from the north came forward claiming to have experienced an allergic reaction after administering one of the thimerosal-containing vaccines.

In January, these two professionals were diagnosed with an allergic reaction after both received routine vaccines at the same time. They claimed that the symptoms they experienced were identical to the previous symptoms of receiving the vaccine. A similar case was also reported in September. For which a woman was diagnosed with anaphylactic shock after receiving the vaccines, the woman suffered from a swelling in the throat and nasal passages, which eventually resulted in the need for her hospitalization. It was concluded by the experts involved in the study, that the vaccines that cause these types of reactions are Thimerosal.One of the concerns is that they might be related, since they are allergic to vaccines.

It all goes back to the question of immunity, so that a person is protected against diseases, such as seasonal flu, he must have been vaccinated against him. Experts believe that immunity levels may have been reduced due to the increase in cases of the disease, reported in recent years. That is why vaccination rates have been steadily increasing, and that is why healthcare professionals are concerned about the risks associated with them. Without immunity, diseases will not be able to be eradicated, and could instead become pandemic. This would mean that more people would be infected and, ultimately, more people contracting diseases through the infected individuals.

Experts believe that the reduced immunity caused by vaccines is a cause of the increase in disease among healthcare professionals in the United Kingdom. That’s because people’s immune systems are much weaker than normal, so in the face of disease attacks, the immune system cannot keep pace. This weakens the individual’s ability to fight disease, leading to the contraction of serious illnesses. When the two cases mentioned above occur, it is likely that the disease has spread to the entire community, which weakens the population’s ability to fight the disease.

The two cases mentioned above illustrate the importance of vaccines and the importance of maintaining the levels of immunity necessary to protect individuals from these two diseases. But, highly contagious. It is essential that all health professionals are up to date on when their vaccines were made available for the next wave of outbreaks, it does not do it, it means leaving the susceptible parties unprotected against both diseases. It also means that they are putting themselves at risk in spreading the disease to others, and they can also lead to new cases. That is why vaccines are so important; they are protecting the vulnerable from diseases that could easily be spread.

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