Analysis: Trump Biden and the compulsory vaccine Covid-19 in the USA

Analysis: Trump and Biden is the vaccine mandatory for everyone? No, it is not true. Why? Well, let’s see.

I. “If there is a tax, or a fee levied on those who believe in vaccines, it must be based on need and not on opinion or preference.” This is an excellent point; I didn’t say it should be a tax, I suggested it should be a fee charged by those who are required by law to receive certain portions of the vaccines. I do not support the mandate; however, I agree that there must be some form of mandatory vaccinations for children in order to protect them.

II. “Why is autism on the rise?” There is no doubt that the number of children diagnosed with autism has increased; however, the reason why the diagnosis has increased is not well understood. Some believe that this was caused by the change in lifestyle (notably the fast food eating habits of our youth); while others point to poor health care and nutrition. I believe that the real cause has a lot to do with the quality of life that is offered by our medical system today.

III. “And the problem of mercury with thimerosal? Autism has certainly jumped through the proverbial hoops; and now we have mercury and thimerosal to blame, too. Once again, scientists agree that there is no connection between the two.

IV. “Let’s not forget all the vaccines that have been recommended over the years. Would you allow your children to receive any of these, without knowing exactly which ones they are getting?” I am sure that if you are a parent, you would not allow anything that is unnecessary in your lives.

V. “What about aluminum? Does anyone know if it is linked to an increased risk of autism? Aluminum is a metal that is found in many vaccines. If it is in any way linked to an increased risk of autism, this is certainly a coincidence, no It’s?” There are many studies that have analyzed the effect of aluminum on the human body, both in terms of toxicity and in association with autistic individuals. Once again, scientists are still debating the link between the two.

SAW. “If you don’t believe vaccines are dangerous, ask yourself how you feel about young children dying from whooping cough. Would you allow that to happen, especially when dealing with a disease that has killed more than 50 million people?” Whooping cough is caused by a virus, and when faced with a UN vaccine, a countless disease, you would never let it get past you or your child. It is a fact that unvaccinated children die more frequently than vaccinated children.

VII. “How about thimerosal? Do you realize that this chemical is used to make a vaccine that should prevent autism? How would you think of using something like this for anything other than preventing the most deadly disease known to man?”

VIII. “Let’s not forget the old saying, a lady’s best friend is a sharp needle.” Whoppers. vaccines and their ingredients; they are not friends; they are mortal enemies.

IX. “Would the world be better off without automobiles? We take them everywhere; we need them. And yet, here on Earth, we have traffic jams and slowness every day, due to the traffic jams caused by the lack of good drivers.” Yes, the cart is useful, but not as useful as the horse.

X. “Who better to protect our children than Mother Nature? With all the vaccines we’ve given them so far, wouldn’t it be a perfect world if Mother Nature could do that for us?” The anti-vaccine crowd claims that these vaccinations have caused many illnesses and deaths; and therefore Mother Nature must have a chance. How irrational!

XI. “What about the mercury problem? Were we trying to protect our kids from that, too?” I mean, the whole mercury thing was exposed as a scam, but people still use vaccines as a form of treatment for their children.

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