Check out the best apps to save money

Check out the best apps to save money

Building a habit of saving can be difficult. When you enter the routine of living from salary to salary, or worse, you end up in debt, it is difficult to get out of the cycle. It seems like it’s hard enough to stay afloat, no matter if you save a little bit. But everyone has the ability to save. Even if you need to use all of your available money to pay off debt, instead of investing in stocks, there are undoubtedly some areas of your life where you can reduce your spending or ways to apply discounts that you are not taking advantage of.

The main barrier is usually not money; it is usually time or knowledge. Searching for the best deals manually can be exhausting and overwhelming; most people don’t know how to get started or even what they are looking for. Apps are great because they automate hard work and all you have to do is take advantage of the savings. With many apps available, you don’t have to do anything but sign up and link a credit card.

What better app to save

  1. There are a few different ways to save money through apps; the type that works best for you depends on your current financial position and your goals.
  2. The available apps fall into the following groups: refund and coupon apps, cost-cutting apps, automated savings apps and investment apps.
  3. You can download some apps in different categories, but it would be impressive to have one in each. As you will soon see, there is a lot of overlap between the features.


Wikibuy offers a free browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox or Safari, which automatically compares prices as you shop online. Enter the Wikibuy website and install the extension in your favorite browser. As you add items to your cart at an online reseller, Wikibuy will search the web for best deals and coupon codes. You can use the codes to save or follow links to other retailers, offering a better price. You can even use the Wikibuy app while shopping in physical stores.


Ibotta is a refund application that allows you to earn points in three main ways.

  • Online purchases through your shopping portal to receive an automatic refund
  • Scanning your receipts for an extra refund
  • Using the Pay by Ibotta feature to pay at the store and receive an instant refund, presenting the discount code on your screen at the checkout.

Ibotta covers a wide range of stores, including groceries, clothing and travel – there are more than 140 retailers in total. In order to receive a refund for purchased products, you will need to complete at least one short task, such as taking a survey or watching a video. Although this sounds tedious, it is very fast and is a great way to earn more, as you can complete various tasks to get more points, if you wish.


Shopkick is an application that provides points (or ‘kicks’) for in-store or online purchases. There are a few ways to win these kicks. When shopping at the store, you can scan the item’s bar codes to find out if they offer any rewards and send your receipt when you’re done. You will earn points for each qualifying item scanned. Alternatively, you can link a credit card to your Shopkick account to automatically earn points, which saves time.

When shopping online, you can use the Shopkick portal and earn points as you go. After downloading the Shopkick app, he uses Bluetooth to discover his location and offers personalized offers. You can also earn some extra points when checking in at locations, so don’t forget to keep Bluetooth on. If you want to win even more shots, watch videos on the app’s “Discover” tab.


RetailMeNot is one of the largest websites on the web to find coupons, discounts and promotional codes. The main part of the website has coupons for non-essential items, such as clothing and restaurants, but there is also a RetailMeNot Everyday section of the website, focused on everyday items, such as groceries or cleaning products. There are a multitude of additional features as well. Rxsaver helps you save money at the pharmacy, there is an online community to read comments on offers and a newsletter that updates you on the latest coupons available. RetailMeNot has a dedicated app that makes it easy to find offers on the go and maximize your savings

Cost Cutting Applications

  • Another easy way to save money that everyone should take advantage of is to reduce the amount spent on everyday essentials.
  • You may think you are saving the most by buying budget items, but what about negotiating low prices?
  • That’s what a new generation of apps can help you achieve.


There is nothing more irritating than buying something than seeing it for sale at a lower price a few days later. Wouldn’t it be good to get that money back? Now you can. Paribus helps you recover your money by tracking your purchases at major stores and negotiating refunds. It also helps to offset applicable late deliveries (like Amazon) and ensures that you don’t leave too late to return what you purchased.

Unfortunately, the feature does not apply to retailers; currently only 25 are registered. However, because these stores are important, like Target and Walmart, this probably covers most of your purchases. The application is completely free, so there is nothing to lose when trying. Sit down and see how much money you save.


We all know that there is probably a better deal that we could sign that would reduce our utility bills, but somehow there is never time to look for the best deals available manually. Truebill solves this problem. Instead of having to call companies and negotiate for a lower price or look for alternative offers, Truebill’s team of negotiators will do it for you. There is still some level of investment in time, as you will need to upload all of your accounts; this can be done by taking pictures or logging into your accounts.

Truebill also helps to decrease all of these monthly subscriptions; As we move towards a subscription economy, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay on top of all the platforms on which we subscribe, and this often leads to a waste of money. Truebill will monitor everything you subscribe to and offer the option to unsubscribe automatically. Now it’s up to you, the facility is already there, download the app and save.

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