Exercises to Combat Muscle Aging

Exercises to Combat Muscle Aging

What physical exercises our bodies do, health, maintenance, hormones and many other factors, we already know that. However, did you know that the way we age, our muscles also go through this process. And unlike what you think, it is the most difficult to recover that part of the body, so it is always recommended to practice some physical exercises, which remain in perfect working order.

Here are some of the main exercises you can start doing as early as possible to avoid weakening your muscles and becoming a much healthier person for your future.

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  • 1 Exercise to Combat Muscle Aging
  • 2 1 – Aerobic Exercise
  • 3 2 – Anaerobic Exercises
  • 4 benefits in the body

Exercises to Combat Muscle Aging

1 – Aerobic Exercise

Known for its high intensity exercises and that take a little time to show results in the body, aerobic exercises are an option for those who want to start having a healthy body, not only in aesthetics, but also with regard to health inside. Its main benefits:

  • It keeps blood pressure is controlled;
  • Gives efficiency to the heart and lungs;
  • Increases good cholesterol (HDL), dramatically decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease;
  • Keeps the metabolism stimulated, thus burning more calories over time;
  • Not monotonous or boring sports.

Aerobic exercise options are different, perhaps some of them are: walking, step classes, swimming, aqua aerobics, dancing, cycling, rollerblading, tennis and a fitness center.

2 – Anaerobic Exercises


As is known, the mixture for a short duration and high intensity, strengthens the muscles, as well as the body position. Its main benefits:

  • Make the muscles stronger by reducing atrophy, increasing muscle mass;
  • It strengthens bones, preventing fracture and, in the future, osteoporosis;
  • Let metabolism always worked at high intensity;
  • This gives the joints flexibility, thus eliminating body stiffness.

The exercises are called anaerobic include weight training, jumping, running, push-ups, pilates, sit-ups, yoga and many others.

The benefits in the body

Studies show that about 25 years ago, the skin of the human body begins the aging process, all of this is caused by exposure to the weather and the facts, such as wind, pollution, chemicals, and even the sun.

As our body ages, the skin loses some of its layers, this is all caused by the renewal of cells. From the practice of physical exercises, there is an increase in blood flow to the skin, which allows it to be healthier.

The body becomes more toned, the muscles are always active, and the immune system is much stronger. In addition, what this directly affects the exercise practitioner’s self-esteem.

It shows that one of these exercises was done at least 3 times a week for a period of time of 60 minutes, just so you will be able to feel its main benefits in addition to weight loss, as the result is positive.

First, talk to your doctor too, he will show you which option is right for your particular case.



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