If Russia wanted to poison Navalni, he would be dead, says Putin.

If Russia wanted to poison Navalni, he would be dead, says Putin.

If Russia tried to poison Navalni, he would be in a panic.

A former junior foreign service officer told me in 2020: “The story of Navalni’s death is the most interesting thing I’ve heard in a long time.” According to this retired officer “Nalvani was a problem. He was the Russian equivalent of Osama Bin Laden. Not because he was a bad person, but because he knew too much. If Russia had had a chance to kill him or take him out, out of the way, they would have done it. ”

The retired officer went on to say, but he had not “Nalvani did not die on the boat, as you might think. Instead, he died in the United States, at a meeting in Hawaii. And because he had access to the USA made antidotes and other things, he died a few days later. ” Interesting moment for such a scenario, almost as if Russia tried to poison Navalni and expected an American coup d’etat.

Well, what do we know now? A few days before he died, Russian FBI counterintelligence agents met with Vitaly Ushimov, Russia’s ambassador to the United States, to discuss intelligence matters. During the meeting, Ushimov reportedly declared; “If it were me, I would have murdered Obama myself. Right now, the American people must be very concerned about me, because I am carrying dangerous weapons.

Two days later, on a day that took Navalni’s life, Russian intelligence reported that there was an explosion near the presidential residence in Washington. Vitaly Ushimov was immediately taken to Russia, and Interfax reported that the explosion occurred due to a hand explosion. An investigation later found that Ushimov was being blackmailed. His alleged request for blackmail over Nemtsov was denied by President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


If Russia had any real interest in murdering Nemtsov, they would have used a truck bomb to do so or bought a truck and dumped it there. They would not have waited several days for the American government to recognize that it had a problem. Instead, they would have the Russian ambassador arrested and interrogated, and then released back to Russia.

Two weeks later, a bomb exploded in St. Petersburg, killing large numbers of innocent civilians. Many more were injured. Then, a bomb exploded near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, causing much damage. If Russia had any real national security concerns over the United States, they would have stopped these acts of vandalism and violence immediately.

If Russia had such concerns about Nemtsov, why would they let him live? What could he or anyone else who is a threat to his power have in store for them? It is also known that the Russian president personally ordered the assassination of Nemtsov, and he made it clear that if anyone tried to interfere with his plans, or to undermine his regime, he would do it himself. It is interesting to note that no newspaper around the world has even reported this. Why?

Therefore, Russia had nothing to gain by hurting Nemtsov or threatening other opposition leaders. Had they done so, they would have removed a legitimate, peaceful and free election, which could only lead to more government by Nemtsov and more turmoil in the country. They have already killed several of their most respected opponents, while the nation itself is run by the few corrupt individuals who remain. Therefore, I believe that it is the lack of a real threat that prevents the masses from enjoying adequate resistance to their government, which must be understood.

If Russia tried to kill Nemtsov, I think it is perfectly reasonable to assume that he would not survive another hour in such intense circumstances. The question then becomes, “What else could they do?” At this point I would say something like this: “If Russia tried to kill me, or threaten me in any way, they would not be able to stop me in any way, shape or form, unless they totally destroy themselves in the process. They became so powerful that no matter what they try, I will prevail. That’s why I think Nemtsov wouldn’t be killed this way, or at least easily.

While it is impossible to prevent someone from killing you, it is entirely possible to weaken your ability to do so. You can try to dissuade them, influence them, put terms that would make it difficult for them to achieve their ambitions. But in the end, you can’t stop someone from doing what they want to do. What you can do is make life very difficult for them, so that they never think about doing it.

So, if Russia wants to regain world power, and regain the confidence of the people who voted for them, they need to understand that they cannot win by playing on their weaknesses. And they certainly cannot win by trying to kill Nemtsov. Nor could they, if they tried to do so using a dynamite bomb, or some other highly advanced weapon. They need to realize that Nemtsov was a person who had a vision, and that Nemtsov’s death wouldn’t stop them