Saudi Arabia starts vaccination against Covid-19

In Saudi Arabia, a vaccination against polio and typhoid started with routine vaccines. This was done after two decades of research and testing by experts, it was found that vaccines were retroactive and even protective in all children who were subjected to them, it is good to know that they conceive to implement this in more places. The program is called the “Routine Vaccination Project” in Saudi Arabia, there are many regions where they set out to administer this vaccine against polio. There was a large campaign conducted and a campaign covered a wide area and was declared successful by the government. However, there are still some challenges that are being encountered.


By chance there are some countries that do not introduce this vaccine, there are also some countries that are not yet ready to accept this. This vaccine has not yet been accepted or approved by them. But in general, countries have approved this and are ready to give it to children and there are many reasons behind it. First of all, more research needs to be done about this vaccine, there are also many contagious diseases. You must remember that the two most common diseases in Asia are Shigella and Hepatitis.


So even if you already have these two diseases in your blood, it is still possible to become infected with other diseases. And if you don’t have immunity, your body is susceptible to contracting them. This is the reason why a vaccine is needed, according to cases children out there who suffered from these diseases. There is a great need to start them early, after the age of five, the child must start a series of immunizations. And now Saudi Arabia is trying to do something similar with the vaccine that was approved for them, the program started in the fourteenth month of pregnancy.


If you are a mother, qualified to do the immunization, you can have the injection at the doctor’s office. If you are going to get the vaccine online, you will have to make a certificate delivered to you at home as soon as you finish the series. Many vaccines were made available to the public and most countries had their own. But some countries that don’t have their own, so they have to import and that’s why they decided to make a vaccine for the public, in case a country doesn’t have one. They can distribute to other countries. This is a good step, but there are still some problems.



The Second World Health Organization, there is still a need for further studies on the disease, this is to make sure that the dosage of this vaccine can provide sufficient protection for the health of the child. It is also important to make sure that the child will receive this vaccine before he is born and his mother when she is pregnant. You may not be able to receive it or at least you should consult your doctor. Otherwise, your child may suffer from this disorder at birth. In Saudi Arabia there was a story about this problem and one of the children was diagnosed with this disease, and the government was very concerned about it.


However, they started a campaign called “Common mumps vaccine” in the country. But due to lack of information, many parents were unaware that this campaign exists and are still afraid of catching the disease. However, there are vaccines that protect a child for life. But the problem is that these vaccines only protect a child during the period of hospitalization, after that, a child can develop what is called immunity and he becomes susceptible to other diseases, which is why many countries are trying to find ways to improve your children’s immunity level.


Some countries are working on vaccines that will protect them from a particular disease and at the same time reduce the number of cases they experience. And one of the options is to vaccinate your children. This is a very smart decision by the Saudi Arabian government, as its citizens must be fully protected. Therefore, if you want to have a healthy child, it is important to keep him vaccinated. Go ahead and make that decision today.

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