The man who hacked Trump

The man who hacked Trump

How were Trumpeter and the Gmail account hacked?

The man who hacked Trump’s Twitter was arrested. The hacking was planned well in advance and the hacker used several accounts to try to access the private communications of the U.S. President. The U.S. president is under a lot of stress today with leaks coming from the Trump administration. Many people are speculating that the leaks are coming from the White House itself. The US president is under pressure from his team, advisers.

So now we have the hacker in custody, but will that stop leaks coming out soon? No, probably not, as we know how these things tend to leak. If the leaks continue, then it would be very easy for the future presidents’ chief of staff and other cabinet members to get into the mix and guess what – they would also need to guess your password to gain access too.

It seems that there are some things going on here. First we have the hackers, who clearly wanted to sabotage the Trump campaign. They broke into the computers at the headquarters of the Trump campaign and took a lot of documents, including the last few months of the Trump campaign. They clearly had a purpose for doing this and one thing they must have thought, if they were planning to leak this information they might want to make sure it could be easily reconstructed. After all, if they could find out what Trump was doing and when he was doing it – they might be able to use that information later in court. And guess what, they got what they wanted.

Second, there is the person of the same name who broke into the Clinton campaign emails. Once again this hacker clearly had a purpose and that purpose was to find out if Hillary Clinton was really a legitimate candidate for the presidential office. Remember that we are only dealing with the private citizen here. The man who hacked Trump’s Twitter was actually a hacker.

So now we have two groups of hackers with two reasons. Hackers who want to ruin the Trump campaign and put Hillary Clinton in the White House. The hackers who found and took Hillary Clinton’s e-mails and threw them on the internet. This can be very detrimental to the Clinton campaign if they can somehow connect with the real person behind it, the person who hacked Trump’s Twitter, with the person who hacked the Clinton Campaign email server. This could prove to be very important information in this presidential election.


The other possibility is that the hacker who hacked Trump’s twitter used the password as a kind of password to set the parameters of the accounts he was using for his business. Then he moved to the e-mail server and dumped the e-mails there. Now we find that there is a question in the intelligence community about how the hack happened, who may have been involved, and all of this is a matter of concern for the Clinton Campaign, as it shows that they were already dealing with cyber attacks before this election. presidential. This is not a good thing, but the fact that hacking happened, and is still happening, is worrying for them.

For those who keep the score at home, or even those who don’t even know what a password is, or a “password”; Well, let me explain. If you’ve ever been online and typed something, be it a secret letter or an e-mail address, and hit the return key without looking at the letter or the number, then chances are you’ve been hacked. The Internet has created a new language, called Web terminology, or URL, which we type in our browser to go somewhere on the World Wide Web. This is a long short story. It’s the same basic principle as typing in a URL to go to YouTube, and now you can go to Google and YouTube instead of your favorite search engine. So the question asked by the Trumpeter and the Gmail question was who hacked Trump’s Twitter, and if the trumpeters did it and if so, why?

Well, it turns out that Trumpeter was not the hacker at all, it was they who found a program called “tweeting”, which allows users without computer knowledge to “type in the code”, and “tweet”, or do other things on Twitter , without really knowing that they are doing it. The hacker or group of hackers who hacked Trump’s Twitter password discovered some things about the Secret Service, including things like: “If I hacked Trump’s twitter and I think I’m also a hacker, and also have ties to the Service Secret”. In addition, they found that if they had a list of email addresses, where people were sending their phishing emails to try to steal personal information, then maybe they could use that to find out passwords for the Service’s computers Secret. So the question asked by Google and YouTube again, was who hacked Trump’s Twitter password, and why?