Cell phone unloading fast? Check out how to improve this

Cell phone unloading fast? Check out how to improve this

You will rarely see a person who does not own a smartphone, because the object has become a necessity for many people. People who mostly have or have had problems with the battery. It is not your impression that your cell phone is discharging faster, the batteries lose their storage capacity over time, this causes your usage time on the cell phone to gradually decrease.

There are some ways in which the phone’s battery can last longer, extending the time between the dreaded 15% mark and when the battery is completely discharged. Here are some tips you can use to extend your phone’s battery, regardless of whether you’re using an iPhone, Android, or anything else.

Always update your phone

Phone makers like Apple and Samsung issue updates to their devices all the time. It can be annoying when it looks like you’re constantly updating your phone, but these updates exist for a good reason: having the latest and most efficient software can help ensure that your phone has the longest possible battery life. (They also help to keep your phone more secure.)

Some smartphones let you know when there is an update, others you will have to go to settings. From there, you’ll find options for updating the software, most likely on the General tab and under Software update. This may be slightly different, depending on the phone you are using.

Keep an eye out for background apps

Your phone should have a page dedicated to battery usage, usually found by navigating to the battery section of your Settings application. Depending on your device, a graph may appear, showing the battery life that each of your apps is normally consuming. Many applications run and update in the background while using different software. You can choose to allow specific applications to do this, to configure it so that all applications can do this, or to prevent specific applications from doing so. If a specific application is consuming a lot of battery, you can also uninstall it completely.

Here’s how to disable this feature:

  • IOS ► Navigate to Settings, select General and then Application update in the background. From there, you can select Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and cellular data or Disabled.
  • Android ► Open the Settings app, click Battery, tap the More symbol and click Battery usage. From there, your device will list how different apps are using battery life. Click on the application for which you want to show usage in the background and select Background restriction. When does the Restrict application? warning appears.

Use the low brightness

Keeping the phone’s screen bright to the end can really harm battery life. When you’re low on battery, avoid doing anything that requires a lot of processing power, such as playing games, watching videos, or using navigation apps. Another option is to disable push notifications, which can light up the screen even when you are not using the phone and thus using the battery.

The process will be slightly different, depending on your phone. Generally speaking, go to Settings, Notifications and select the relevant application. From there, you will select the option to disable notifications.

Disable functions that you are not using

If you’re desperate to save your phone’s battery, turn on airplane mode, manually re-enable Wi-Fi and connect to a wireless network. In general, connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi consumes less battery power than on cellular networks – in addition, you don’t have to worry so much about excess data.

Enable battery saver

  • Your phone’s battery saver option is an easy-to-use feature that restricts your phone’s features to extract the longest possible battery life.
  • On the iPhone, it’s called a low-power mode. On Android, it’s called battery saving. When the phone is low, you will receive a pop-up that allows you to activate battery saving with one touch.
  • After these tips, for sure your battery will have more useful life, enjoy!

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