Invest arms money against Covid 19 and guarantee vaccine for everyone, says pope.

Invest arms money against Covid 19 and guarantee vaccine for everyone, says pope.

Vaccine for all – Do we really need to invest arms money against Covid 19?

The Pope is warning the world that unless the autism vaccine is created, there will be mass deaths. If the vaccine doesn’t work, the Pope says the world would have to “remedy” it with insecticides and other toxic chemicals. Wow! It’s a scary thought, isn’t it? You bet.

Doesn’t that scare you? So if the vaccine doesn’t work and we die en masse due to unscheduled outbreaks of smallpox virus infections in unvaccinated children, then who is to blame? Well, I fear it is the Pope, because he is pushing vaccines and vaccines that will cause an epidemic. Pope says we need more vaccines to protect our children and that is why the Pope is now speaking out against the autism vaccine.

Wow! Who would have thought that a Pope would take a politically correct approach when dealing with health problems? And in this case, health problems that are affecting the developing world. Remember that the Pope is the Grand Master of Christianity and received the keys of the Holy Grail. He knows something we don’t have about vaccines and mass deaths from unplanned outbreaks of vaccine-related illnesses.

In fact, the Pope also knows something very simple about mass deaths from unscheduled HPV outbreaks. It is related to vaccines. And he has the authority to make vaccine decisions and his comments are alarming.

The Pope said: “I am very sorry to see that some countries are preventing babies from taking these vaccines because they feel it can lead to sterility. This is a serious situation, which makes me worry about the protection of our children. What an absolute lie! He could have explained to the assembled masses the complete lack of benefit for those who stopped these vaccines because of unscheduled HPV outbreaks, which will result in the deaths of tens of thousands of children worldwide. But no, the Pope preferred to stick the head in the sand and say nothing.

How could he do that? Who are these people? Where are their credentials? And why are they recommending such vaccines to the world? How can the Catholic Church promote vaccines that are proven to cause the death of innocent children, while hiding the facts?

Well, there is a way for the Pope to explain this and it would be in the name of the late Dr. Robert Kennedy. In his book The Late Revolution, Dr. Kennedy had pointed out how vaccinating young children was causing a smallpox outbreak. This caused the entire population to run out of unscheduled smallpox (and generally worse) and the result was a very big death. And just to take it a step further, the Catholic Church opposed the use of the smallpox vaccine.

So the Pope is protecting vaccine manufacturers by claiming that deaths from unscheduled outbreaks would lead to an unscheduled death. And this is ridiculous. We should all be asking the question, why is the Pope telling us to invest arms money against covid 19 and guarantee the vaccine for everyone? Does the Catholic Church not believe in free market capitalism or is it protecting vaccine manufacturers?

There is much more that we should ask about the vaccine for all cases and that includes the Pope’s own words at his recent conference on the subject. I am aware that he told us at the last conference that we should not be concerned about future threats and the use of biological weapons. I also remember that he said that we should not be concerned with the potential uses and consequences of using these weapons. But that is really what the Pope is saying; “We must invest arms money against Covid 19 and guarantee the vaccine for everyone.”

These words come directly from the Holy Father himself in the year 2020. Apparently, he did not read his infallible books, manuals and encyclicals carefully and perhaps he did not fully understand his own words in his book. Personally, I do not believe that the Catholic Church should use force against civilian populations in other countries in order to protect them from unprotected epidemics. Nor do I agree that the Catholic Church has the right to force vaccination against reluctant parents or citizens. I certainly do not believe that it is the government’s role to ensure mass vaccination.

As a civilized society and civilization, we have the option of investing money in arms against covid 19 and guaranteeing the vaccine for everyone. I think the Pope is wrong about that and I hope you will consider that. I certainly hope that this article is of interest and that it has boosted thinking. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2020.